Hello and welcome to Dry. Alternative Recovery!!

First, we want to thank you for being here and supporting us! Without you, we aren't successful in reaching and helping people.

Second, we wanted to give you guys a run down on what to expect from Dry. and where we're at with development as of right now. 

Its taken us longer than expected to get this site launched due to having to move, and running into issues with trying to build the site and have it run as smoothly as possible. Now that it is finally up, we are so excited to build this community and to share with you all of our plans as they come. We will post all updates on the growth of Dry. here on the Blog/Updates page and on our Instagram page. So keep an eye out! 

It is our goal to be transparent with you all on our happenings and to build a community for people in recovery. We are living in strange times and it's has been hard on all of us. It's our hope to bring some positivity and hope to those who are struggling the most. Dry. is a place for ALL who are in recovery regardless of what the addiction and regardless of how they stay in recovery. Everyone’s recovery journey is different. There is no one way for all of us. So, let’s keep our Dry. community a safe, judgement free place where everyone is welcome. 

Thank you all again for your patience and your support with the opening of Dry. Alternative Recovery!