About the Dry. Journal

Hey everyone!

I wanted to make a couple blog posts aimed towards providing more detail on each of the prompt journals. So, lets start with the first one!

The Dry. Journal was created for the first year of recovery. I came up with this during the pandemic when meetings weren't happening like they used to. They were either not happening at all in some places or were happening only over zoom or something similar. There was a lot less connectivity. 

Aside from the lack of community during the pandemic, I also keep in mind the people who do recovery differently than most. The people who don't go to meetings. Who are doing recovery their own way. A way that works for them, whatever that may be. 

Therefore, the Dry. Journal is made for every addict no matter how they are staying on their recovery journey, no matter what their addiction is. This journal was specifically made to be inclusive. So, whether you go to meetings, or do it your own way, this journal will work for you. Whether you're recovering from addiction in alcohol, narcotics, an eating disorder, gambling or anything else, this journal series was made for you! This journal is a perfect tool that can be gifted by sponsors in the program to their sponsees, or by loved ones to someone who is struggling. 

The Dry. Journal has prompts for your entire first year of recovery. With daily entries, weekly and monthly check in pages, you keep yourself accountable one day at a time. Work through your emotions, and difficult situations in the privacy of your own journal. Use this journal as fuel to keep you going strong on your recovery journey by periodically going back and looking at what you've made it through. The road to recovery is not a smooth one. Its difficult, but you are strong and you can do it! We do recover!