About the Dry. Journal: All Dry.d Up

The Dry. Journal: All Dry.d Up is a bit different than the first Dry. Journal. All Dry.d Up is geared more towards those of us who have more Dry. time under our belts. This journal has some prompt questions as well as blank entry pages. It doesn't have as many prompts because being further along in your recovery journey, we typically aren't as triggered as we are early on. For the most part, we're able to maneuver through most difficult situations easier. Usually our triggers vary. That is what the blank pages are for. For you to make it your own and write about what it was that was hard and was triggering, how it made you feel and how you got through it and can prepare better for another situation like that. 

For example, I went to a wedding over the summer. It was the first wedding I had been to since I quit drinking. Going into it, I was feeling a little stressed out and had a little bit of anxiety about it. But once I got there, I just took it minute by minute. I did my best to stay away from the bar all night, offered to DD people home, and spent most of the time on the dance floor to distract myself from the elephant in my mind. When I got home, I wrote all about it in my All Dry.d Up journal. I felt really good after writing in the journal. As I was writing, I was able to see the whole night almost from an outside prospective. The struggle/problem, how I felt about it, and how I maneuvered it. It made me focus less on how stressful events like that are for me, and more on how strong I am that I continue to get through events like that and continue to adapt to stressful situations without what has always been my main crutch. Alcohol.

This journal makes a great outlet that you can take with you on the go for your own stressful or trying situations. Even if you're someone who attends meetings, they aren't always available 24/7. But this book is. You can process and write down your experience right then, and then read it later at a meeting if you want. If you're anything like me, just putting pen to paper and getting out how I feel immediately makes me feel better. That's why I love this journal and I think you will too.